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Sunday, 25 September 2016

Jose Fernandez is dead After this Partying on Boat with 'J's Crew'

Jose Fernandez was a man of the sea in the weeks before his tragic death.
The Marlins pitcher and some buddies fished and partied it up in the waters around Miami.  One of the shots appears to be the same type of boat that crashed into a jetty Sunday morning ... killing Jose and 2 others on board.
The guys on the boat are called "J's Crew."
Authorities now say drugs and alcohol were not a factor in the fatal crash.

Authorities arrest man responsible for Washington Mall shooting that left 5 people dead

After an overnight manhunt, police have arrested the young man responsible for the shooting that left five people dead at the Cascade Mall in Burlington, Washington. According to reports, Turkish immigrant Arcan Cetin, 20, is suspected of killing four women and a man on Friday night.

The suspect was apprehended by police 30 miles from the scene of the crime in what was described as a 'zombie-like state'. Cetin, allegedly opened fire in the make-up department of Macy's in Burlington's Cascade Mall, killing four women and one man.

He reportedly took three legally purchased guns from his father, drove to Macy's where his ex-girlfriend once worked, started shooting before dumping the weapons and escaping. His ex-girlfriend who worked at the mall had quit several months ago and was not at the mall at the time of the shooting.

Also, according to FOX-Q13, there have been unconfirmed reports he shouted a woman's name multiple times just moments before opening fire and fatally shooting some people.

During a press conference on Saturday night, officials confirmed that along with having Cetin in custody, they also had his rifle. A Lieutenant, Mike Hawley said after tips from the community, he heard a report over the scanner that the suspect had been spotted. He drove to the Oak Harbor area, spotted Cetin and put on his lights. Surprisingly, the suspect completely complied with orders and was taken into custody without issue.

The police have so far refused to 'rule out or rule in' terrorism.

A former classmate of Cetin, Uhlaine Finnigan, who spoke exclusively to Daily Mail, said he was a loner who appeared troubled to her. 'I didn't think he'd take it as far as mass murder but I knew he was trouble,' Finnigan said.


One soldier, two others killed as militants attack troops in Bakassi

The Nigerian Army said that suspected militants led by a wanted kingpin, Benjamin Simplee aka G1, leader of the Bakassi Strike Force, attacked its troops in Bakassi Local Government Area of Cross River State on Saturday, September 24th.

Sani Usman, the Director of Army Public Relations, who confirmed the incident in a statement said a soldier was killed during the attack while the troops killed two of the militants. Other militants escaped with gunshot wounds. The attackers also burnt a military pick-up vehicle. 
Usman added that two soldiers earlier declared missing were found. The militants came in several speed boats and attacked troops deployed at Efut Esighi waterfront in Bakassi.
"The troops’ location has been reinforced with more gunboats and air component. The clearance and pursuit operation is ongoing. We would like to assure the public that this singular act would not deter us from the discharge of our duties. Therefore, the perpetrators of this dastardly act would be found and brought to justice. The Nigerian Army wishes to send an unequivocal warning to all the criminal elements in the society that intend to attack any of its locations to have a rethink," Mr. Usman said.

Photo: Woman gets the beating of her life for visiting her son who lives with her ex-husband

This lady is accusing her ex-husband of beating her up in front of their son. She made the allegation  on Facebook this afternoon. She wrote:
 I got the beatings of my life today in front of my son, just because I visited my son.  I can't keep quiet anymore because my life I at stake, I'm posting this here because I don't know what will happen to me next. 
 My ex husband told me he will kill and bury me and nothing will happen to him. I can't tell my mum about this trait because of her health.  
Hope the appropriate authorities step in and address the issue. 

How Beautiful is she Anna Ebiere

 She looks amazing! Another photo after the cut.


Prominent Christian writer shot dead in Jordan after being charged with insulting Islam

A prominent Jordanian writer (Pictured left)  was shot dead by a suspected Islamist gunman (Right) on Sunday, September 25th, outside the courtroom where he was due to stand trial for insulting Islam by sharing a cartoon on Facebook.
Nahed Hattar, a 56-year-old intellectual from Jordan's Christian minority, was gunned down on the steps of a courthouse in Amman in what appeared to be a religiously motivated attack.
Hattar was arrested in August for sharing a cartoon on Facebook showing a bearded man in heaven smoking, lying in bed with women and calling on God to bring him wine and cashew. He captioned the cartoon which he deleted shortly after posting it:
"It mocks terrorists and their concept of God and heaven. It does not infringe God's divinity in anyway"
Mr Hattar said the cartoon was intended to mock jihadists and their twisted interpretation of Islam but Jordan's government charged him with insulting the faith and "provoking sectarian rifts". The writer rejected the charges and planned to fight the case.
"I am mocking the terrorists and their conception of hell and heaven," Mr Hattar wrote shortly before his death. “I’m not insulting the supreme Allah, at all, on the contrary, I’m against the type of God that the terrorists worship
The gunman was arrested at the scene has been  identified as Riyad Ismail Abdullah, a 49-year-old imam who recently returned from making the Hajj pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia.
Mr Hattar's family immediately blamed Jordan's government for failing to protect the writer, saying the decision to publicly charge him with offending Islam had made him a target for Muslim extremists.   
"We hold the Ministry of Interior responsible," said Jamal Attar, a cousin.  
"This is the first assassination in Jordan that targets a person over nothing but his opinion, for freedom of speech. The prime minister was the first one who incited against Nahed when he ordered his arrest and put him on trial for sharing the cartoon." the victim's cousin Saad Hattar said. "

Jordan's government condemned his murder, calling it an "ugly crime" and promised "investigating the incident and holding the criminal accountable for his offense"

male or female


Dangote is not dead against rumor, says "I am hale, hearty and alive"

Africa's richest man, Aliko Dangote, took to his twitter handle to disregard rumor been spread by an online magazine, DW-TV3, that he died in Germany hours ago after a short illness. The business mogul is currently in South Africa and is hale and hearty. See the magazine post and Dangote's reply after the cut.


DJ Cuppy shares cute pic with her billionaire father, Femi Otedola

Dad and daughter pictured in London

copied from linda ikeji share on facebook

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Scary Android vulnerability affects nearly 1 billion phones already affected


More than 900 million Android devices are affected by the QuadRooter vulnerability, including tablets like this one.
Researchers have discovered a new form of Android malware, and it's pretty scary how many phones are vulnerable. If you have Google's Nexus 5X, Nexus 6 or Nexus 6P, HTC's One M9 or HTC 10, BlackBerry's DTEK50, or Samsung's Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge — some of the most popular Android models in the world — your phone, and all the data on it, could be at risk.

The vulnerability is called "QuadRooter," named after a piece of software native to Android devices with Qualcomm chipsets. Theoretically, an attacker would lure a user into installing a malicious app — most likely from a third-party app store (it's unlikely on Google Play, though malware has gotten through before). The malware would then exploit one of the four security vulnerabilities of QuadRooter, granting the attacker root access, which means all bets are off — all of the device's data and hardware would be exposed

Friday, 27 May 2016

Omg.. ..what did this woman do to this child? (photo)

See the way the little girl is looking at, b***h, who are you again? Lol...
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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Ladies see How To Know Your "Safe Period" And "Fertile Period/Unsafe Period"

There are many you ladies that do not know this and sometimes you get confused too.
To avoid stories that touch and tickles the
bombom. I will be sharing tips by which you can know when you are safe and when you
are unsafe.
**I stand to be corrected**
If you have other ways you have been calculating yours, and it has been working for you well.
Pls do share with us here.
I know some ladies will be willing to learn and those that specialize in reading and not commenting can at least keep hiding in the closet and get pregnant Lol...

If you follow this steps, you will get pregnant only when you want to.
1. From the first day you see the blood of
your period.
2. Pick up a calendar and count 15days
including the first day of the blood stain.
3. Mark the 15th day with a pen
4. Mark 3 days before the 15th day

5. Mark 3 days after the 15th day
6. You will notice you have 7 days marked.
These 7 days are your ovulation/fertile days also known as unsafe period.
Meaning if you have sex on any of these days then you have 98% chances of being pregnant.
7.Do these every month and try and abide
by these rules
For example.
1. If your period was on the 8th of June,
2. 15 days after the first day of the blood
stain will be on the 22nd of June, 2015.
3. 15th day is on the 22nd.
4. 3days before the 15th day which is 22nd is 19th June, 2015.
5. 3days after is 25th June, 2015.
6. 19th - 25th June is when you are
ovulating and it's your fertile period. If you have sex without condoms, you will get pregnant.
Now, if you want to have a baby girl, have sex between 20th June, 2015 - 21st June 2015.
And a baby boy will be 22nd - 23rd June 2015.
If you want twins, go to Ngokpalla in Imo state.
There's a yam sold there that gives twins.**laughs**
I hope this is well explained?
If no, and you feel it's wrong, pls do share with us here.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Buhari arrives London

Buhari arrives London ON MAY President Muhammadu Buhari, has arrived London for the UK anti-corruption summit 

women protest n@ked in Ebonyi reasons will surprise you

See Confusion in Ebonyi as women protest n@ked
There was confusion in Nkwegu community near Abakaliki on Monday when over 200 women from the Afikpo-South Local Government Area stripped naked to protest the alleged continued detention of the President General of the community, Ndubuisi Ekumankama, by the police.
Ekumankama was alleged to have demolished a widow’s house in Amangwu Edda community of Ebonyi State.
It was gathered that the naked women were on their way to the Ebonyi State Government House in Abakaliki but were intercepted by policemen at Nkwegu, near a military cantonment.
Our correspondent gathered that the policemen who intercepted the naked women were confused as to how to handle the strange protest.
The protesting women were naked in the upper regions of their body.
It was learnt that some policemen fled the scene of the protest because of the belief that policemen who attempt to stop naked protesters would die.
The Ebonyi State Police Commissioner, Ibekwe Abdallah, had to send a team of policewomen to the scene of the protest.
It was the team of policewomen that brought the protest under control.
Confirming the incident, the Police Public Relations Officer, Ebonyi State Command, George Okafor, described the action of the naked women as shameful and a desecration of the Igbo culture.
Okafor said the women had planned the protest last week but were advised to seek legal redress as the president general, who arrested by the police, had been charged to court.
The PPRO said, “Last week, a group of women numbering about 20 stormed the police headquarters to protest the arrest and detention of a suspect who was being held for demolishing a widow’s house in Amangwu-Edda.
“After we spoke to them, they even saw the suspect and he spoke to them. This showed them that he is alive. They went back.
“Today, we got information that the same women had gone and mobilised over 200 other women to storm the Government House in protest. We also got information that they were coming into the town naked so, we tried to halt them from gaining entry into the city.
“Our men who earlier got to the scene were repelled because of the sight of the nakedness of these women and we had to mobilise our policewomen, led by a female Assistant Commissioner of Police. Their action was unfortunate and shameful.”
The PPRO added that the policewomen were able to put the situation under control without any casualty, adding that two suspects arrested for demolishing the widow’s house have been charged to court.


Monday, 9 May 2016

No one can separate us

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